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How should I prepare for an online workshop?
How should I prepare for an online workshop?

Understand and prepare for this interactive discussion

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From week 1 onwards...

You will have access to a reference page for all your online workshops (if you don't know how to access this, please click here), starting from the first module of your Unow training course. This page contains all the key information you will need: dates, times, how to connect, and what equipment to bring. You can come back to this page at any time during your course, if you need a reminder of where to find things.

If you were unable to attend an online workshop, you will also be able find the replays of the workshops the two following days, on this same page.

Before the workshop

Once you've registered, you will receive a Google Calendar invitation by email (see example below). This will confirm key information such as the time, date, name of your course leader, and how to connect to the workshop.

At this point, you can add the date and time to your computer calendar if you wish. If you use Google Calendar, you can add this event directly by clicking the "Yes" button.

You will be immediately notified by email if the date or time of the online workshop has been changed.

During your course

To help you get the most out of this live interaction with your expert course leader and your fellow course mates, take a moment to think about the elements you would like to discuss during the session, beforehand.

These could be questions about something you're not sure you've understood, or a personal experience, or suggestions for further study or debate... it's up to you!

One day before your workshop takes place

The day before each online workshop, your expert course leader will send you an email to remind you of the date and time, and how to connect.

Use this reminder as encouragement to bring together all your ideas and questions!

The day of your workshop

The big day has finally arrived! A workshop lasts approximately 1 hour, so make sure you are in an appropriate location: A place where you will not be disturbed, and can fully take part in the discussion.

Enjoy the workshop!

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