A wide variety of your course documents also exist in a downloadable format. You can access these from the content page itself, or via the 'Downloads' page.

Download a document from a content page

Go to the "Downloads" button located on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the resource you want to download, to start downloading it.

Downloading a document from the 'Downloads' page

All of your course's downloadable resources have also been grouped together on one page. To access this page, first go to your course's 'Program' page (this is your course's home page) then click on the "Downloads" tab.

From here, you can scroll down the list and select the content you wish to download.

Download video content from your course

On each page containing a video, you can download the video by clicking the button 'Download video.' This button is located just below the video, on the right-hand side.

All videos are also accessible from the "Downloads" tab.

Feel free to download the videos so you can watch them during your commute to work! Use your favorite browser, or a download manager to do this.

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