You will probably need to visit the 'online workshops' page several times during your course.

Here, you will find online workshop time slots, login links, and replays of previous workshops.

You can access this page from the course summary, either from the Programme page or from any content page via the menu on left-hand side. This page is the first page of your course.

How to access the 'online workshops' page from the Programme page

Once you have arrived at your course's Programme page, click on the module called "Before you start." The 'online workshops' page forms the first page of this module. Click on it to view it.

Accessing the 'online workshops' page from a content page

When you are on any of your course's content pages, click on the "Menu" button, which you will find at the top left of your screen. Click the "Before you start" module to display the titles for each page contained in the module (if necessary.) The 'online workshops' page is the first page in this list. Click on it to view it.

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