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Are your training courses accessible to everyone?
Are your training courses accessible to everyone?

Find out what Unow has put in place to ensure its content is accessible to all!

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Unow is not regulated by French accessibility standards, but we still aim to make our course accessible to everyone.

As a result, we have put a range of procedures in place. For example:

  • We are committed to respecting the consent, confidentiality, and neutrality of every attendee on our courses

  • All of our videos are accompanied with a written script and subtitles. We regularly update our older courses to ensure that these also include our accessibility measures.

  • Both the written and audio-visual versions of our videos contain the same information. No one is missing out if they read the written version instead.

  • All content is presented in text format and is not based exclusively on colors.

  • Any third party content (mini games etc.) is not essential to the successful completion of the course.

We are aware that we can always continue to improve our accessibility measures and have specifically trained two colleagues to continue to develop good practices and ensure that our content and code continues to be more and more accessible.

We have also drawn up an action plan to help us continue to move towards this goal. 👷

We'd like to finish by saying that we want to be sure that we are supporting you in all your needs. Consequently, if you feel that our current accessibility measures are not sufficient enough to help you access our content, please contact us (at so we can work with your to provide you with the best support possible.

Likewise, we are always open to suggestions and would be delighted to receive any ideas from you, so we can take them into account in our action plan.

In line with our accessibility policy, you may be eligible for financial support to complete your training course. Speak to your employer to find out more.

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