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What should I do if I experience audio problems during an online workshop?
What should I do if I experience audio problems during an online workshop?
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If you can't hear any sound, don't panic, you can try the following steps:

  • If you have connected to the workshop from a computer, try increasing the volume on your speakers or headphones.

  • You can change your audio connection during the Webex meeting by clicking on the arrow next to the button, as displayed below:

A menu will appear. This will show you the source devices for incoming and outgoing audio. You can change your source devices by clicking on "Audio settings..."

From here, you can change the source of your speakers and the microphone by clicking on the arrows and selecting the devices of your choice. You can also test your microphone, its input level and adjust its input volume.

  • If you are still unable to hear your expert, sign out from the meeting and sing back in. You can adjust your audio settings and test your audio from this page:

  • If you are using Voice Over IP or your computer's audio, check that your speakers or headset are connected properly. Then try restarting Windows Audio Service or sign out of the meeting before signing back in.

  • If you see an exclamation mark here, this means your speakers or headphones have been muted. Go to your computer's audio settings to change this. This is a separate setting from any mute setting in the meeting window, itself. Hover your mouse over the exclamation mark. This will show you whether your speakers or microphone have been muted. Click here to resolve the problem.

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